We are so proud to have recently achieved the gold award status!  We are going to continue our journey with the Woodland Trust, along with 13,000 other schools, to help the environment and go on to earning the prestigious platinum award.

The Green Tree Schools Award encourages outdoor learning and inspires our children about trees, woods and wildlife.  

So far we have earned points for planting a range of trees within our grounds, reduced CO2 emissions, learned about tree planting in other countries, took part in tree dressing, created collages using macro photography within our forest area, explored the woodland from different viewpoints and set up a recycling system within school.  

The Eco-committee are working hard completing a school audit to start working towards our Green Flag Award.  They're attending regular, weekly meetings and interviewing staff and children to find the answers to some important topics.  
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Our new door mats are going to be made from recycled fishing nets.  By doing this, it protects marine life such a sea turtles, from being entangled in abandoned fishing nets. 
We believe our seas should be kept plastic free and we are playing our part to help that become a reality.
As part of the Woodland Trust Platinum award, Year 6 spent the afternoon being photographers, taking images of our school forest.  They used a range of techniques to capture some interesting shots and then spent time editing and applying special effects before producing some amazing collages.