Autumn Term

All about ME!
Our first topic is 'Starting School.' We will work with the children to make sure they are comfortable and happy in their new learning environment.
In Reception, we teach the children to read using a scheme called 'Read, Write Inc.' The children are taught the sounds in set 1 through-out the year and then begin to blend these sounds together to read simple words. By the end of the year, the children will be able to read and spell simple words and also simple sentences.
By the end of Reception, I will be able to read all of these sounds from set 1:
See the source image
I Spy Numbers...
This half term, we are focusing on numbers 1-5 and we will have a 'NUMBER OF THE WEEK!'

It's Harvest Time!

We have been learning about harvest and what this means. The children have been busy painting fruit and vegetables and creating their own scarecrows. We discussed why some Christians say thank you to God for the harvest and the children thought about times when they would like to say thank you. 

European Languages Day
We looked at Italy as part of European Languages Week and looked at the Italian flag and compared this to our English flag. We discussed how countries are all far away from each other and to get there we travel mostly by aeroplane. We even learnt how to greet each other in Italian by saying ciao!
Elmer Day
What a fantastic fun day celebrating who we are and being one of a kind!