Autumn Term 2020

We are puzzling our way through a multiplication and division maths problem this week. 
Doctor Doppelganger has finished making his cloning liquid and he’s going to use it to make a slime monster which will be able to make copies of itself! He wants to use his army of slime monsters to take over the world! He wants everything, everywhere to look exactly the same! How boring would that be?
Doppelganger started to make his monsters. Our help was needed NOW! 
To be able to stop Doctor Doppelganger we have to be able to;
Multiply and divide by 10
Multiply and divide by 100
Multiply by 1 and 0
Multiply and divide by 6 
Multiply and divide by 9
Multiply and divide by 7 
PHEW!  Fingers crossed we are successful in our mission. 
In Geography today we have been finding out about Christmas traditions in Europe, specifically Germany.
Did you know that in Germany children do not get to see the Christmas tree until Christmas eve?

A big part of the Christmas celebrations in Germany is Advent.

German families display all kinds of advent calendars. Some are made from a wreath of Fir tree branches with 24 decorated boxes or bags hanging from it. Each box or bag has present inside.   We made some advent wreaths to decorate our class tree with, we think they are beautiful.

We brought smiles and light to our day today by decorating he tree outside of our classroom, isn't it beautiful?
It has been very interesting watching our fitness improve over this half term.  At the start of the term Malick couldn't do a crunch, now he thinks he may be getting a six pack!
Today we have had such a fantastic afternoon trying out all of the new fitness equipment.  We really enjoyed it.
We travelled back in time this afternoon all the way to Ancient Greece.  
In our history lessons we have been researching figures from history who have impacted the way we live today.
To bring our learning to life we chose our favourite character, dressed as them wrote a play script telling everyone about our achievements and then recorded our short videos. 
23. 11.20 
We have been investigating patterns in art.  We looked at lots of different types of pattern and made some of our own.  We even tried to make some symmetrical patterns using different animal prints. 
18. 11.20 
Stretching  after an exhausting P. E Session.  
We have been improving our fitness and we are really beginning to feeling the benefits. 
18. 11.20 
Today we carried out some maintenance on our growing tower.  We checked the seedlings, planted some more lettuce and checked the nutrient levels so that our plants get everything they need to grow. 
16. 11.20
With a little help from the Quiver app and some technical wizardry we made our Mondrian inspired art come to life. 
Last week we had a TTRockstars competition in school.  
Here are our year 4 winners. 
13. 11.20
For friendship fortnight year 4 made a friendship wreath.  Our wreath was made from love hearts. On the hearts we wrote about our friends and what it is that makes them special to us. 
We will remember.


Year 4 read the poem ‘We Shall Keep The Faith’ by Moina Michaels.

Moina Michaels was a young American teacher who had the idea for using the poppy as a memorial for all those servicemen who had died in the Great War.  We wrote our very own versions of the poem. 

In our maths lessons we have been learning all about perimeter.  Kashmala was given the job of helping SpongeBob and Patrick solve their perimeter problems. 
Every week we update our 'Proud Cloud' 
see who we are proud of this week. 
Our Growing Tower is up and running!!
We have been working with Rethink food to investigate more sustainable ways to grow food.  Our growing tower will let us grow food all year round!
We have planted our first seeds and we can't wait to see how they grow. 
October is black history month. We have spent all week researching various famous figures who are important in history. 
We decided that Nicola Adams the Olympic gold medalist was our favourite inspiration.
We researched her life and sporting career. 
20. 10.20
This week in design technology we have been designing and making our own labyrinths. 
We read a Greek myth about Perseus and the Minotaur. King Minos had the labyrinth built as a confusing structure to keep his Minotaur in.  The Minotaur was a monster that was half beast and half man.
We tried to make our labyrinths as confusing as possible so the Minotaur couldn't escape. 
IIn history this week we have been trying to imagine what life would be like in the Ancient Greek cities of Athens and Sparta. 
A very busy day in the garden today.  We have been thinking about what we could plant to overwinter and be ready to harvest in Spring.
Amaima and Oscar chose to plant Spring Greens, Chicory, Lettuce and Kale.  
We harvested the last of our beetroot and used it to bake chocolate brownies. 
As part of our ‘healthy eating week’ we adapted a brownie recipe to include one of our ‘five - a - day’. 
They tasted delicious!
As part of our work on harvest, year 4 read the harvest story.  
after we had read the story we thought about the way we could represent harvest in our own way.  
Sheaves of corn are very important during harvest, as are seeds. 
Because of this, we made our very own wheat sheave collages using different seeds.
Today has been Very busy because we cooked and ate the beetroot that we harvested yesterday.  Holly and Alexis prepared and cooked the beetroot for everyone.  We all tasted it and most of us liked it and want to try and cook some at home too. 

If you would like to roast beetroot at home here is the recipe  we used.

4 large beetroot 
2tbsp olive oil
1. Preheat the oven to 200C.
2. Cut off the beetroots leafy top
3. Scrub the beetroot thoroughly and rub with the oil
4. Put the whole beetroot on a baking tray and roast in the oven for about 1hour 30minutes
5. Let the beetroot cool for 15 minutes 
6. Use a paper towel to rub off the skins
7. Cut the beetroot into wedges, sprinkle on the salt and enjoy!
A very exciting day in our edible playground today, our beetroot is ready to harvest.  We picked some today ready to roast and eat tomorrow.  We really can’t wait to see what it tastes like.