Autumn Term 2021

Christmas party day! We all looked amazing in our party clothes and had a fantastic time playing party games and showing off our best dance moves!
Today was our Christmas lunch.  We really enjoyed pulling crackers with our friends, telling terrible jokes and the delicious food Claire our cook had made.  
We harvested our crop of lettuce from the growing tower today.  Our growing tower lets us grow food without the need for any soil or sunlight! The lettuce was delicious and we really enjoyed eating what we had grown. 
24.11.21 No pens Wednesday 
Today we have not used any pens, pencils or written anything in our books!  Even though we have not done any writing we have still been working hard and learning.
We used our problem solving skills to solve the problem of the frogs and the lily pads.  Our two families of frogs wanted to swap sides of the pond with each other, but they could only move forward, hop over one other frog at a time and they could only move onto an empty lily pad.  It was tricky at first but we were patient and we helped each other try to work out the answer.  Leia and YiHang were the first to solve the problem!
We also used plasticine to show a cross section of a volcano.  We had to remember the main parts of a volcano and include them in our model.  We remembered that our volcanoes needed a main vent, a magma chamber, layers of earth, an ash cloud and a secondary vent.
In our science we have been investigating solids, liquids and gases.  We didn't believe that gas weighed anything because we can't see it!  To help us find out, we took part in an investigation to see if gases weighed anything. 
First we measured out some fizzy liquid into bottles.
Secondly, we weighed our bottles with the liquid in.
Then, we shook our bottles to release all of the gas that was in the liquid.
Finally, we weighed our bottles of liquid again.
We discovered that our bottles of liquid were lighter once we had shaken all of the gas out of the liquid.  We concluded that even though we can't always see gases they do have a mass and weigh something. 
Year 4 have been celebrating friendship fortnight.  We have been thinking about the qualities of a good friend and how we could make sure that we show those qualities to others.  We designed some fantastic bookmarks to show our thoughts and feelings about friendship. 
We had a fantastic day today taking part in forest school.  We built dens, looked for mini beasts and made some art out of natural materials that were in the forest. 
This week we have been researching the children’s laureate Malorie Blackman.  Did you know that the music artist Stormzy mentions her in his music because he liked her books so much when he was growing up?
What a fantastic day we have had visiting the Great North Museum.  We took part in a workshop learning all about the role of women in ancient Greece.  We got to touch and examine real artefacts from the time of the ancient Greeks and to see which toys the ancient Greeks used that we still use today!
Did you guess Italy?  We have learned how to say hello and goodbye to each other, count to 12, we also looked at some of Italy’s main cities, customs and geography.
Pizza making in honour of European Languages week. Can you guess which country we have chosen to focus on?
In art lessons we have been looking at the pop art movement.  We explored the work of the American artist Roy Lichtenstein.  He is famous for using dots to add colour to his comic strip style art.  We tried to recreate artwork in his style using his piece ‘the crying girl’ as our inspiration.  Can you guess who these self portraits belong to?
The children have worked so hard in their English lessons this week.  Today we have looked closely at pictures from a non fiction text and posed questions to help us understand the images and the Ancient Greeks a little more.
We used the apples from our orchard to make a delicious apple crumble.  It was delicious
The children have been very busy this week.  In our science we have been looking at how to classify and group different animals.  
What a fantastic start to the new school year!  The children have returned to school happy and smiling and ready to work.  I have really enjoyed getting to know everyone a little bit better this week and can't wait for our year together.