Autumn Term 2021

Tuesday 14th December 2021.
Christmas party day! Year 3 and 4 had THE BEST time in their party clothes and showing us their amazing dance moves! It really was a fabulous afternoon!
Wednesday 8th December 2021. 
Today was Xmas lunch and we had an amazing time! We really enjoyed pulling our crackers and sharing the jokes with each other! The food was delicious thanks to Claire and her amazing team! Thank you so much!
No Pens Day 2021.
What an amazing day! The children have taken part in a 'Can you crack the code?' mission. They worked in teams to find 16 'objects' or 'signs' in and around our school grounds. For each one they found, they were given a rock with a number on the front and a letter on the back. When they had collected all 16 rocks they had to crack the code. Every team were using their skills we focus on in class. For example their speaking, listening, aiming high and teamwork skills. These really helped them to crack the code 'THE STONE AGE ROCKS' and there wasn't a pen in sight!
Our very own Stone Age Village from the Neolithic Period. The children worked on their teams to plan and make their Stone Age house. They used clay and materials chosen from outdoors. We think they worked extremely well in their teams. Well done. 
Friendship fortnight.
Friendship Fortnight has been wonderful in Year 3. They have spent lots of time exploring what makes a good friend and reasons why. They decorated a stone for their friend and thought about all the lovely qualities their friend has. 
We listened to the story 'Have You Filled a Bucket Today?' by Carol McCloud and they filled their own bucket of loveliness. Their ideas were fabulous and it really helped the children to focus on the positivity we should have about each other. 
Year 3 loved learning about the different types of soil. Did you know there are three main types? We are now thinking about which soil is best for our plants to grow in and why. It was great to be able to use the soil from our Edible Playground. The soil found here is called ‘loamy’.
Year 3 were thrilled to receive a letter from the @PeoplesKitchen asking the children to make some soup. Year 5 kindly gave us some pumpkins to use and we have made pumpkin soup. It was delicious and now we are busy writing letters back to them.
National Poetry Day - Thursday 7th October 2021.
The children have had a fantastic time exploring poems by Michael Rosen. Our favourite was definitely ‘Chocolate Cake’ which inspired them to write their own. Some children wrote a list poem and some children chose to write an acrostic poem using ‘chocolate’ as their stimulus. The best part was smelling and tasting it too! Here are some of our finished poems which we are going to display for everyone to read. 
European Languages Week.
The children had a fantastic time learning how to count 1-10 in Spanish. They have learnt how to say hello, how are you and goodbye to each other. They used an atlas to locate where Spain is and surrounding countries. We know the capital of Spain. do you? 
Cave Art.
The children used their historical knowledge to create this whole class cave drawing. They thought about the colours they would need. 

They used charcoal to look at different tones and textures before drawing their own cave art picture. 

The children have worked so hard. Well done. 
Homework Projects.
The children have been set a range of tasks to complete at home. We’ve already got some amazing pieces of work from our topic the Stone Age.
We wanted to share what we are learning about in PE. This half term we are doing Gymnastics and in our first lesson we focused on different body shapes including straddle, pike and tuck. 
This half term we have been learning about using shape, different pathways and travelling from one shape to another to produce their own routines to music linked to the Stone Age. 
They have been incredible and really thought carefully about their timings and choice of movements with their partner and group.