Autumn Term 2022

Hindu temple visit
We had a great time today visiting our local Hindu temple.  We were able to look inside the temple and ask lots of questions to help us learn more about the Hindu religion.  We were also very privileged to be able to watch a prayer service.
Great North Museum Visit
We visited the great north museum to find out more about daily life in Ancient Greece and also about their fighting forces.  We were able to try on some brass armour, a tunic and a very heavy helmet! We then looked at the type of sword that an Ancient Greek soldier would use.
Geography Fieldwork
As part of our geography lesson we used a map to plan a route through Newcastle.  We then followed our route. When we were following our route we were looking for evidence of Greek influence on our local city and we found lots! The Ancient Greeks used lots of columns in their buildings and we were able to find designs on buildings in Newcastle that were inspired by these columns.
Scotswood Gardens 
We have had a fantastic time exploring Scotswood gardens. We have been using keys to identify the mini beasts we have found. We also made hibernation dens for hedgehogs. Do you know what the collective noun for a group of hedgehogs is? We do! Ask us if you see us!