Black History Month - October 2020

As part of our work on Black History Month, the children in year 3 learnt about Rosa Parks and how she became famous in 1955 in Alabama, United States of America. 

We learnt that at this time in America, there were a lot of segregation laws which meant there were different rules for people with different coloured skin. One of these rules was that white people would get priority seating when on buses. On the 1st December 1955, Rosa Parks had had enough of this law. When she was asked to move so a white lady could sit down, she refused. This led to a huge bus boycott which meant over 40,000 people refused to use the buses for over a year. In the end the government had no choice but to change the laws so everybody would now be treated equally, regardless of their skin colour. 

The children in year 3 enjoyed some drama work outside. They worked in groups to re-enact the scene of Rosa on the bus refusing to move seats.