Children's Mental Health week 2022

There is a realisation that just as we look after our physical health (our bodies) by doing things like exercise, eating well and getting enough sleep, we also need to look after our mental health (our minds).

With this though, The charity Place 2Be assigned

7th February -13th February 2022 as Children's Mental Health week

Throughout the week we had a different theme for each day that had a focus on the children’s wellbeing and mental health:


Monday- Breathe Believe; A focus on zones of regulations/ mindfulness breathing/ peer massage.


Tuesday- Mindfulness Mark Making; art activities, mindfulness colouring, drawing and painting.


Wednesday- Away from desk hour/day; forest school, den building, edible garden, rainbow walk, PE, cooking.


Thursday- Read and Relax! – Reading for pleasure, library visit, storytime.


Friday- Acts of kindness day.