Dance Festival

The 1st April would have been the Newcastle Primary Schools Dance Festival which was due to welcome approx. 50 schools to the City Hall, allowing each school to showcase their dance routine. 
Like you, we are having to adjust to a new way of working, finding new ways to engage with those we work with.
We know how much work our schools, their staff and children had put into preparing for the Dance Festival.  It was great hearing from PE Leads at meetings letting us know what music had been chosen, how rehearsals had been going, etc.  It is one of our favourite events of the Newcastle PE and School Sport Service calendar.
In light of the Dance Festival not taking place, our Dance Specialist Beth has put together a Dance Challenge.  She has broken a dance routine down into bite size pieces which children at home or at school can learn over the week and then perform on Friday.  
On our Twitter feed and through YouTube we are promoting and sharing the 4 separate segments.  Children can learn and practice each part of the dance like they would have done at school in preparation for the Dance Festival.  
I have included the links to the YouTube clips below or alternatively follow us on Twitter @PE_Sport Service
Day 1 Dance Routine -
Day 2 Dance Routine -
Day 3 Dance Routine -
Day 4 Dance Routine -
Day 5 - We will be encouraging children to perform the Dance to their families, perhaps film and share via the above twitter link, like many of the children have been doing during this time.