Eco-club is made up of a group of dedicated key stage 1 pupils who attend a weekly club every Tuesday after school. 
Throughout the Spring term, the Eco Club have been busy being Food Detectives.  They have been looking at the importance of reducing food waste.  We would like to thank ASDA for providing us with our Food Rangers pack and giving us helpful tips on reducing our waste both in school and at home.
This half term we are entering the popular Message in a Bottle Top art project!  It's a fantastic way to repurpose plastic waste into something beautiful.  We have been learning all about the damaging effects of plastic on the environment and animals we love. 
We have also been looking at the importance of recycling and reusing across school.  We started this 'big push' by creating a fabulous bottle top mural, which is displayed in our school entrance, by reusing the plastic bottle caps from our empty bottles. 
This half term we have started using recycling bags within every classroom to dispose of the paper and cardboard that we throw away in a more eco-friendly way.  We hope to improve how we, as a school, dispose of waste and in turn have a much more positive impact on the environment.  
We are also completing the Big Battery Hunt from Duracell again!  Over a billion batteries are used in the UK every year and less than half of them are recycled.  We want this to improve so please bring your old batteries into school and start recycling them today!  So far we have over 1100 batteries.