Gardening Club

Gardening club runs after school every Tuesday.
Gardening is a healthy fun activity that allows the children to develop new skills and learn about science and nature through growing their own food.
We focussed on our key stage 1 yard today.  We cut back the lavender, chives and mint.  The smell was amazing!
12. 10.21
We collected seed heads in gardening club today. We will keep them and sow them in the spring. 
Look at the fruit and vegetable bingo boards we made today! We thought really carefully about making them unique.  After we had made them we had a game of bingo it was great fun. Cynthia was our winner and she chose a bird box that she is going to put in her garden at home.
We were rained off today but we made the most of the time. We used the apples that we had harvested.  We stewed the apples, added custard and added crushed biscuits on top to make apple trifle.  They were delicious.
We have some busy weeks ahead of us in gardening club this term and we got off to an amazing start.  We have lots of beds that need clearing as the growing season is nearly over.  While clearing one bed we  found some potatoes that had been missed during our summer harvest!