Maths at Hawthorn


At Hawthorn we believe Children’s chances of succeeding in education and life will be maximised if they develop deep and lasting procedural and conceptual mathematical understanding. We encourage children to develop their knowledge and understanding of mathematics across subjects and aim for all pupils to enjoy and achieve in mathematics.

Our Maths curriculum: In Years 1-6 we use White Rose Hub documents to support planning and to allow teachers and learners to achieve a secure and deep understanding of each Mathematical Concept.

We also use the NCTEM Spine materials develop secure understanding of key concepts before they are taught.

We believe that all children, when introduced to a new concept, should have the opportunity to build competency by using a CPA approach.

Concrete–children should have the opportunity to use concrete objects and manipulatives to help them understand what they are doing.

Pictorial–alongside this children should use pictorial representations. These representations can then be used to help reason and solve problems.

Abstract–both concrete and pictorial representations should support children’s understanding of abstract methods.

Please see our progression in calculation policy to see how we teach key concepts through this approach.


Early Years Foundation Stage 

Work undertaken within the Foundation stage is guided by the requirements and recommendations set out in the Early Years Statutory Framework and Guidance. All children are given many opportunities to develop their understanding of mathematics. Lessons in the early years use concrete and pictorial representations to develop an understanding of mathematics. Children are encouraged to use, enjoy, explore, practice and talk confidently about mathematics using reasoning. The children are exposed to rich problems and use practical resources like Numicon, ten frames and other concrete materials to master key concepts.

Below are some useful websites for your children to use at home:


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