Our Year

Year 6 have been studying the Suffragettes as our topic. We have learnt about how women won the right to vote in 1918. We have been learning about the important events that happened in Newcastle during this time, including the 'Battle of Newcastle' in 1909; Kathleen Brown,  and hunger-striking suffragette who lived on Elswick Road and Ruth Nicholson, one of the first female doctors who lived on Kenilworth Road. We have found their stories to be very inspiring. 

As part of our unit of work on the Suffragettes, we created protest banners in DT. It was difficult for some of us to complete the embroidery but our friends helped us and we all made great fabric pieces!

We have really enjoyed reading our class novel 'Rooftoppers', which is set at the same time as the protests for women's votes. We had great fun creating travel adverts for Paris for a tourist in 1910. We also wrote newspaper articled about the ending of the book ... which we won't give away. We have also loved looking at the poem 'The Lady of Shallott'. Although it is a difficult text, we have embraced learning new vocabulary and our reading skills have really shone. 



In Year 6 during Spring 2 we will be doing lots of SATs revision, if you have any questions or would like any support please come and speak to a member of the year 6 team.