Our Year

Spring Term
What a great start to the spring term in year 3!
We have used our class novel, 'The Egyptian Cinderella' in English to help us write our own story, a newspaper report and a diary entry. In topic, we have become Geographers, as we explored where in the world Egypt is, what the land is like and the importance of the River Nile.  We have also become Historians, as we learned all about daily life in Ancient Egyptian times. We had great fun learning about the process of mummification and mummifying our friends! 
We continue with this topic next half term, where we will be looking further into the life of the Pharaoh Tutankhamen. Don't forget about our visit to the Great North Museum on March 4th!
In PE, we have been particularly lucky to have Mr Lawrence, from the PE support service teach us how to play TAG rugby.
Science Club
During the Autumn term  six children from Year 3 participated in the weekly Science club at the Life Centre, Newcastle. During the first session, the children met lots of animals including giant snails, crickets, cockroaches, gerbils and a very long python named Richard. The python was definitely a favourite for the children. Look how brave they were at holding him!
The Great North Museum
Please remember we are visiting the Great North Museum on March 4th to take part in an Egyptian workshop.  This will be an exciting session where the children will gain further understanding about the life of people during the Ancient Egyptian period and explore artifacts which the museum have on display. 
Year 3 particularly enjoyed learning about the Ancient Egyptian ritual of mummification. We explored the different parts of the process and after life. The children then had the opportunity to mummify a friend, using replica tools. Once organs were removed (card ones I promise!) , they placed them in Canopic jars, just as the Embalmers would have done. 
Year 3 have enjoyed being gymnasts during the start of the Spring term 2020! Who knew they were all so flexible?
They have been practising jumps, turns and leaps, as well as single and partner balances and a range of different rolls.
Wouldn't you agree how fantastic they are?