Our Year

Year 3 were inspired by the work of Henry Moore. After studying the artist’s life, they created their own sculpture pieces using clay.
The children are really enjoying their topic ‘The Stone Age Rocks’ and have found out about the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and Iron Age. They can tell you about the different periods and completed lots of tasks around this. They have written about The Stone Age and hot seated different characters from The Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura. They have used the book How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth by Michelle Robinson to write instructions. Next week they are going on the forest to make a Stone Age settlement. Watch out for the photographs! 
We have celebrated Friendship Fortnight and the children have been thinking about the qualities needed to be a good friend. They decorated a pebble for their friend and made friendship bracelets. They gave such lovely positive responses and this reflected in the work they completed. 
The children read the poem ‘Poppies for Remembrance’ by Moira Andrew. They wrote their own version of it and wanted to share their respect for those who lost their lives in the First World War. We hope you enjoy reading them. 
The children worked collaboratively to produce this Stone Age Cave painting. They researched why they are important to us and what they would have used to complete their paintings. They found it very interesting when they discovered the paintings are part of our history because they didn’t write or have any other way of communicating. 
Year 3’s Edible Playground.
The children really took their job seriously today. They have been preparing our garden so we can plant some seeds which will hopefully start to grow over the winter months. They have taken out all the weeds and started to think about what we are going to plant. 
The children have enjoyed ‘travelling’ to different countries in South America to learn about different fruits grown there. This has been part of their work for healthy eating week. They looked at the climate conditions needed for the fruits to grow and how the fruit is exported from one country to another. They found out where coconuts, mangoes, yellow dragon fruits and papayas come from but mango was a definite favourite with the children. They drew some great posters showing these beautiful fruits.
 Forest Fun! We have also collected resources to make our teacher’s faces. Can you guess who they are?
PE - Fundamental Skills.