Our Year

This term, our topic has been ‘Our Wonderful World’ where the children have read books about recycling. Their favourite book so far has been ’10 Things I Can do to Help My World’ by Melanie Walsh. The children have enjoyed researching and finding out ways we can recycle. Tahiba said, ‘I recycle every day at home now!’ which is such an achievement.

The children made their own bird feeders to go in our forest – One of the 10 ways they can help their world. Fay said, ‘I am going to make my own when I get home too to look after the birds where I live’. The children really enjoy taking control of their own learning outside of school.

Year 2 collected lots of recyclable materials from home. Their mission was to work in small production teams to use the materials to make a ‘machine’. They were fantastic and felt they had achieved their mission! Lacey’s group made a machine called ‘Mega Angry Bot’ which eats litter by squashing it and then recycles it to make new things.