Our Year

Autumn Term
We are really proud at how well Class 7 have returned to school and are settling back into the new routines. We have been reading The Black Dog by Levi Pinfold and using it as a way to talk about how we are feeling and how we deal with being scared in particular.  We have also developed our understanding of the Zones of Regulation and are trying to use that as a way to describe our feelings.
European Day of Languages
Class 7 learned British Sign Language for European day of languages. We learned how to introduce ourselves, name different colours. We also learned ow to sign the song 'This is me'. Through learning BSL we showed perseverance -even though it was hard at times we all were able to learn the song by the end!
Art focus week
As part of our topic linked to feelings we created art showing how different we are and some of the things that make us happy. To create our final pieces of art we developed skills in shading and cross hatching with pencils as well as shading with coloured pencils so colours blend into one another.
We used IPads to find a range of images as inspiration and practised drawing small items to preoare for the final piece of art.