PE at Hawthorn

We are looking forward to taking part in lots of competitions later on this year. 
Our football team have been doing very well this year and have won some of their matches.  
We will be taking part in a Trust Sports week in Summer 2. Keep checking this page for photographs and updates. 
Active 30 minutes
Remember, to stay healthy, you should being taking part in at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day! 
You can also achieve your active 30 minutes by walking to and from school, or by walking the last part of the journey if you live too far away from school to walk the whole way.
Keep an eye out for Personal Challenge stations in the playground. Can you beat your own score? 
Year 4 have been developing their Tag Rugby Skills. 
PE and School Sport Service
We are really lucky to have Newcastle PE and School Sport service working with us on a Wednesday. In Summer 1, they will be working with Year 1 and Year 5.
PE Lessons
Our teachers love helping us to learn lots of new skills during PE lessons. We take part in a range of indoor and outdoor activities. We learn the basic skills needed for all sports and are expected to apply these in a range of sports and games. 
Year 1 have been developing their Fundamental Movement Skills