Ping Pong Club

Session 1
The children had a fantastic time in our club. They have learnt how to hold the bat correctly and started to develop their bat and ball skills. 
Session 3.
Ping Pong club was all about using our creative skills and inventing our own games. This helped to develop our throwing and accuracy skills. We had great fun.
Session 5.
Lots of fun in Ping Pong club tonight! The children have progressed to using the net so they could set up a rally. How many times do you think they were able to get it over the net to each other ?
Session 2.
The children have started to use their hand eye coordination to accurately throw the ball in a game situation. They had such fun tonight challenging each other. 
Session 4.
It’s all about the rolling and hitting the targets this week before we start to learn the game rules next week. Well done Ping Pong club