RE in the Community

In the Autumn term, year 4 enjoyed a trip to the local Hindu temple to support their learning in classroom. They had a fabulous time finding out what happens during their prayer time. The children met the priest and observed their morning prayer session. They found out about the different areas of the temple and as per the Hindu religion, the children were all given a piece of fruit each because visitors do not come without anything and do not leave without anything either. 
Year 1 enjoyed a visit from Reverend Coad who is actually James's dad. James was really proud to have him in class. Reverend Coad told the children lots of facts and information about the Christian religion as well as items of clothing he wears and what can be found inside a church, a Christian place of worship. 
In the Summer term, year 1 enjoyed a trip to St James' Church to find out about what it is like inside a church. Year 1 also did a great job at hunting for religious artefacts, symbols and objects Christians may use during worship. Year 1 found stained glass windows, the bible, the font, an Easter candle, floral decorations and 20 symbols of the cross. They learnt that Christians use religious artefacts to remind them of their loyalty to God and to learn more about Jesus.