Spring Term 2022

World Book Day 2022.
The children have really enjoyed celebrating World Book Day. They have completed their own reading river, taken part in a quiz and shared our favourite stories with our reading reading buddies. We even had a game of reading bingo!
Year 3 had an amazing trip to Sunderland Winter Gardens Museum where they brought their rainforest topic to life! They completed a workshop with Marie and then became explorers inside the ‘rainforest’ to crack a code. Ten stops later and we worked out it was ‘Madagasca’. What a wonderful day was had by all and the children really enjoyed sharing their knowledge about the Amazon rainforest with Marie. 
Internet Safety Day 2022.
The children learnt about how to be respectful whilst playing games online and what to do if there was a problem. They were also given different scenarios to help the ‘alien’ who had visited earth, make the right decisions.
Rainforests and some aspects of Rivers.
This term Year 3 are going to be learning about rainforests and some aspects of rivers. 

We have read ‘The Great Kapok Tree’ by Lynne Cherry as a stimulus for our writing. The children have planned and written their own rainforest settings. 
In Geography we recreated the rainforest layers using natural materials found around the school grounds. 
Design and Technology.
Year 3 had a fabulous day researching,designing, making, testing and evaluating their kites in Design and Technology. They worked in their teams to make their product. Lots of invaluable discussions took place and they used lots of skills to make their kites including cutting, joining and assembling the parts together.
The children are developing their ball skills in PE. This half term they are focusing on football. 
The children have developed their way of travelling, ball control skills, balance and coordination. They have completed many different circuit training activities around this. 
Art and Design.

The children have been learning about the French artist Henri Rousseau. They were fascinated with some of his pieces and found out many facts about his life. ‘Tiger in a Tropical Storm’ was a stimulus for their work.