Summer Term

In maths, the children have been finding half of shapes and objects. They were able to shade half of the shapes. 
In computing, we have been practising our typing skills. We learnt how to process ideas using a keyboard and how to print out a page from the internet. 

This half term, we are reading the text 'The Emperor's Egg' by Martin Jenkins. We have explored some of the vocabulary in the book and discussed the meaning of these words. We have learnt lots of interesting facts about emperor penguins! 


We collected lots of information about Emperor Penguins, such as their diet, habitat and physical features. We then used this information to create a fact file.

The children have been making bridges in design and technology using junk modelling materials. They worked well as a team to create a strong and stable bridge!
In art, we have looked at the artist Janet Bolton. The children created their own mats by weaving with strips of paper. 
The children have also used their sketching skills to create pictures of daffodils. They then added colour, learning about we can add pressure to create lighter and darker shades.