Summer Term 2022

The children have enjoyed being historians at The Great North museum extending their knowledge about the Ancient Egyptians. They were fantastic during their workshop with Charlotte and answered lots of questions. They were inquisitive and wanted to find the answers out and learn more about the different roles from this period. For example the priests, pharaohs, embalmers and farmers. The children completed activities set by the museum and enjoyed exploring what life was like. 
The children have completed a fantastic piece of geographical fieldwork. They investigated the question 'Is traffic a problem in our area?' As you can see they collected the data by going out at different times of the day. We then produced bar charts to compare and analyse the results. The children then discussed ways in which the council could help, especially at busier times of the day. They have written to the council with their suggestions and are waiting for a reply. 
In Science the children have been learning about light and shadows. They have investigated different sources of light and know that some surfaces reflect light better than other.  The children have used a light source to create different shadows and started to look at what happens to the length of shadows during the day.
The children have really enjoyed and learnt so much about farming during the Ancient Egyptian period. One of their biggest achievements was the shaduf where the farmers collected water from the River Nile to water their crops. In Design and Technology, they used a prototype to work in groups to design and make their own. it wasn't as easy as they thought it was going to be!
We love Maths in Year 3! During our work on shape, we investigated the properties of 3D shapes and then made our own. We looked at similarities and differences of the shapes and even found lots of 'real-life' 3D objects. 
We have been thinking of ways we can recycle and reuse plastic for Greenpeace's 'The Big Plastic Count'. As part of our STEAM week activities the children have researched what a cloche is. They have designed and made their own by using plastic bottles for the plants in our edible playground. We believe we have made a difference!