Summer Term 2022

The children have had a lovely start to the summer term.  When we looked in our edible playground we found the rhubarb had grown so much! We wanted to taste the rhubarb so we harvested some and we cooked Rhubarb crumble, it was delicious!  
Today we have completed a daily mile.  The aim of The Daily Mile is to incorporate 15 minutes of  physical activity into our daily life.  We all talked about the fact that regular physical activity has a positive impact on our health and wellbeing, and can help us to feel refreshed, happier, more productive, and less stressed.
In science we have been investigating which drink is best for our teeth.  We tested water, an energy drink and cola.  We found out that the energy drink was the worst drink and water was the best.
Learning to identify features of human and physical geography with field sketches today. 
To support our Eco schools status and as part of our STEMTASTIC week we decided to reuse old plastic bottles in our edible playground.  We researched different uses for plastic bottles in the garden and came up with our own designs.  We designed and made planters, a watering device, and a cloche.   
In Geography we have been investigating our school and some of the environmental factors that might be impacting it.  We chose to focus on air pollution, we wanted to know if areas of our school had more air pollution than others.  Kai said that cars created air pollution with their exhaust fumes so we decided to complete a traffic survey in two areas.  We counted traffic on Elswick road next to the meadow and also on Hawthorn terrace, near the KS1 yard.   Our results showed that in 10minutes nearly 60 cars passed on Elswick road compared to only 3 on Hawthorn terrace.  Leia concluded that this could mean that the meadow would suffer from more air pollution than the key stage 1 yard.  Rayan offered a remedy and suggested planting trees to help combat the problem!
Geography enquiry week
This week we have been thinking about how we can improve our local area.  We conducted a class survey and concluded that most children in our class thought there was too much litter in school.
We then carried out a litter pick and categorised the rubbish we found.  We also marked on a map where we found each piece of rubbish.  We used this data to find out which area of school had the biggest litter problem, it turned out to be our forest.  We think that this might because people throw their rubbish over the fence! 

Finally we tried to come up with solutions to the problem and wrote to Mrs Dube to see if she could help us. 
For Father’s Day this year we took inspiration from the art work of Paul Klee. We have been studying his art this term and chose his image of the cat and the bird to base our Father’s Day cards on. 
In art this week we have been experimenting with watercolour and oil pastels.  We have used the fact that the watercolours don’t cover the waxy oil pastels to create some amazing effects.
Yi hang brought some fruit for us to try. They were fruits that his family in China traditionally eat. Year 4 really enjoyed tasting the dragon fruit and loquat.
A great day learning to ride our bikes safely with bike ability. 
Today our teachers were Titus the Roman Centurion and Brenna the Icini tribe member. They taught us how to fight like a Roman soldier and an Icini tribesman or woman!