The Victorians - Autumn term

Our topic this term is The Victorians, which we are linked to our science unit of evolution and adaptation. We will be looking a non-fiction and fiction texts linked to this topic in both science and English lessons. 
As we produce work, we will share it on this page!
We have been studying the work of Thomas Bewick in art. He was a Victorian artist who made prints based on nature, and he lived at Cherryburn, which is quite close to school. We used our outside area to make sketches using our knowledge of shape and shading.
We also looked at the work of William Morris. We used his style to complete symmetrical designs and then created our own prints. 
We have also been using our outdoor area to practise our measuring skills in maths, using our knowledge of place value to convert between metric units.
We have written our own information texts about the Galápagos Islands, using our note-taking and summarising skills to help our research. 
We went to an exciting trip to the Theatre Royal in Newcastle to watch Kwame Alexander, one of our new favourite poets! We also were given a copy of ‘Crossover’ each to keep! It was an inspiring visit. 
We also had a visit in school from Valerie Bloom, who taught us some Jamaican words and poems and helped us to write our own list poems. 
We completed our own chapters to add to ‘Darwin’s Dragons’, thinking hard about how to present our narratives. 
We also had a trip to Safetyworks in Benwell to help us understand how to stay safe now we are becoming more independent.,
In science, we have been learning about evolution and natural selection. We investigated which species of moth would survive best in our woodland. We also designed a species to survive in different environments. To help with our English work, we researched the life of Charles Darwin and his discoveries. Through learning about Darwin’s finches, we investigated which beak type would be best for different seed shapes. We also studied fossils to see what they could help us learn about our ancestors. 
In DT, we have been researching moving toys as we prepare to make our own in the next half-term.
We had a visit from Mott McDonald to help us think about how the Tyne Bridge might look in 100 years time. We are looking forward to working with them again next half-term. 
In PE, we have been working on our team-building skills, which has been a lot of fun!
We finished our Victorians topic by writing guides toVictorian life, using the style of Horrible Histories.