The Victorians - Autumn term

Our topic this term is The Victorians, and we are reading Oliver Twist in our English lessons. We have written some great pieces so far about what the workhouse might be like.
We are also reading Black and British by David Olusoga as part of Black History Month. We are really interested in the history of Black people in our country. We are creating chapter summaries as a class to help us to recall the important facts.
We are also studying Evolution in Science. We read Moth by Isobel Thomas, and we made moths to help us understand inheritance. We tweeted Isobel Thomas to show her, and we were very excited when she replied to us. 

We also studied the life of Charles Darwin and wrote biographies of his life.Using our knowledge of Natural Selection, we designed our own living things which could survive in different environments. 
We studied life in the workhouse and prisons in our history lessons, and looked at the reforming work of Elizabeth Fry. We couldn’t believe how different life used to be in the Victorian times, but we recognised that some aspects of science, such as access to education, had become a little fairer. 
In art, we studied the work of William Morris. We looked at his symmetrical designs and completed them. We then used inspiration from our edible playground to create our own designs. 
In English, we have studied Oliver Twist. We looked at a modern graphic novel version, and extracts from the original. We wrote a narrative based on the events in the book. We have also been looked at the poem They Lady of Shallot’. We have loved unpicking the meanings of the archaic language!