A few reminders

Here are a few reminders…

School starts at 8.50am promptly; all children are expected to arrive on time to start the day. Any child arriving after this time will be marked as late. Late marks can also impact on overall attendance.

All parents must contact school by 9:15am to inform us if your child will be absent, providing the reason why and expected return date.

Please note that we must be made aware if your child will not be attending school to keep in line with safeguarding procedures. If your child is absent and contact has not been made, we will contact you via telephone or home visit. If we still are unaware of where your child is, we may refer your child to our Safeguarding Team.

Please make every effort to book any appointments out of school hours. A child will only be authorised to be absent for medical appointments where an appointment card is provided and your child will be expected to attend school before/after any appointment.

Holidays during term time will not be authorised. If you do plan to take your child out of school, please ask for a absence/holiday form from the office and arrange to meet with the Headteacher to discuss the absence.

If your child's attendance becomes a concern, you will be invited in to school to discuss this and a Parenting Contract may be put in place. We will work with you to improve your child's attendance.

As a parent/carer it is your responsibility to ensure your child receives an 'efficient full-time education' (The Education Act 1996 (section ). Any absence from school will impact on your child's progress and learning.

If your child's attendance continues to cause concern, you may be referred to the Local Authority Attendance Team for a 4 week period of legal monitoring. Failure to improve during the monitoring could result in legal action being taken against you and a £60 fixed term penalty notice could be issued.