Art and Design at Hawthorn

Two years ago, we achieved our GOLD Artsmark award! Now, in 2023, we are at the beginning of our journey again and aiming for even higher! 
Artsmark Gold | Prince Henry's High School
We regularly invite parents in to school to complete fun art activities with us! 

Year 1 families got creative in the style of Kandinsky. They created their own works of art inspired by this artist. 

Teachers in every year group plan art using a progressive document that allows us to 'research, develop, create and respond.' It is very important to use that our skills are built upon in every year group and we are always progressing and improving our techniques. 
We record our art work in sketchbooks which travel up with us on our school journey. 
 Our creative and unique works of art are always showcased around school. We take ownership of our creations, building up skills, applying them into our creations and responding to a range of different work. Learning about a range of artists gives us inspiration and sparks our curiosity. 
There is always an art club available to children each term, this allows children to take ownership of their own work and develop their ideas and skills further beyond the daily curriculum. 
We have a small team of Art Ambassadors who are advocates by representing pupil voice and promoting the love of art across school. They work alongside artists, other schools and a range of external agencies.