Autumn term

As we create more work and go on more trips, we will add it to this page!
In English, we have studied the work of Charles Darwin and we wrote non-fiction texts about the Galápagos Islands. We thought hard about how to present our information. 
In maths, we have been solving lots of problems using our place value and operations knowledge. This has helped us to explore and secure our knowledge. 
Our science work has involved exploring and investigation evolution and Charles Darwin. We have thought about how to use our scientific skills to help us understand these complex scientific hypotheses. 
In History, we have looked at how crime and punishment has changed over time and discussed if the justice system at different times was fair. This has helped us to make links to our prior knowledge about these time periods. 
We also looked at the life of Frederick Douglass who lived in Summerhill Grive as part of Black History Month. We also looked at the art work of Lynette Yiadum-OKaye.
In art, we also looked at the work of William Morris and created some two-colour Lino prints. 
We have also visited Safetyworks to help us understand how to stay safe in the community as we grow older.
From our harvest of courgettes and corn from our edible playground, we made some delicious soup and baked corn. 
In Autumn 2, we studied WW2 in topic. We created timelines of he main events. We also used our geographical skills to debate if WW2 really was a world war, and we learnt about soldiers from the Commonwealth that helped in the war effort. 
We were very lucky to be able to explore our school log from WW2 and learnt about evacuation. and Air Raids in Elswick.  We created radio broadcasts about these to show our understanding of the Blitz.
We also looked and discussed propaganda relating to women's roles in the war, critiquing their effectiveness. We used this to create our own posters. 
As a class, we also though about the effect on war for certain groups, including Jewish people. The book Rose Blanche helped us to understand this further. 
Finally, we explored Christmas during WW2, thinking about how it was different to our own experiences of this festival. 
We began the term looking at War poetry in English, and we created out own poetry. We also lead our Remembrance Assembly. 
We then moved on and studied the books 'Letters from the Lighthouse' by Emma Carroll. We created maps of the setting, thought about what we we take if we were evacuated and created narratives and missing persons reports using lots of new Y6 grammar such as passive voice and subjunctive mood. 
We also used our Oracy skills to create shadow puppet shows based on classic Christmas poetry. 
IN DT, we have been creating moving toys using cam mechanisms. We were lucky enough to be able to get our chosen audience - Reception class- to test them out for us!
Our science topic in Autumn 2 focused on light. We explored how light travels, we made our own periscopes and we also investigated shadows. We use excellent scientific knowledge to explore how prisms and mirrors change light. 
In Maths, we had lots of fun exploring 'How much does a ladybird weigh?' as part of Maths Week England. We looks are measure, ratio and arithmetic skills.