Autumn term

The children in year two have worked very hard this week in their food technology lesson to make apple cake, Within this lesson, the children had the opportunity to measure, weigh, sieve, stir, chop and crack an egg safely and hygienically in order to prepare and make their apple cakes.

Year 2 have been to forest school with Ms McMullen and have loved it! The children explored the forest looking at the different autominal colours, the trees and the woodland berries. 

The children then made dream catchers using the sticks they found in the forest. 
We visited Scotswood Gardens as part of our school of sanctuary. When we first arrived we,  under the shelter and discussed the different parts of the world our families are from. We then sang a 'hello song' using different languages to say 'hello'

We then had a go at making flags from around the world on fabric that we dyed with different pastes and herbs from the garden. We then made baubles with flags on using paint and felt pens.

Then we had a go at making clay sculptures of the letters of our names before we finally had a go at Den making.

We had a lot of fun despite all the rain!

At Hawthorn Primary we recognise that attending school regularly and on time has a positive impact on learning, progress and therefore the best life chances for our students.

Excellent attendance and punctuality is the key for our student’s success. children who at 100% attendance recieved a prize. 

For maths week we read the book 'How may seeds in a pumpkin
We then looked at different fruit and vegetables and estimated how many seeds we thought they would all have in them. We then opened the fruit and counted the seeds in groups of 2's or 5's.
The next day the children made the numbers using the dienes and counters aa recap to our place value unit of work
In year 2 we have been learning about the mechanics of pop up cards. We have been learning different techniques in order to make our cards pop up. 
Parents in Year 2 came into school to take part in an art morning. We made Water Lily flowers and the children really enjoyed having their parents and friends in school to help them with thier art work. We look forward to our next art morning.