Breakfast Club

Our breakfast club begins at 8.00am - There will be no staff to supervise children before 8.00am.

Our aims at breakfast club are to:

  • Give the children a healthy breakfast which will help their concentration through the day

  • Teach the children about the importance of healthy eating and exercise

  • Provide lots of different activities which will teach the children skills such as turn taking, listening to each other, sharing etc.

  • Give the children a safe, calm environment at the start of the school day

8.00-8.10 - Every morning all children will take part in activties in the hall.

8.10-8.25 - All children will sit down together and eat breakfast. This is an important time when the children will learn to listen, share, take turns and speak politely to each other.

8.25-8.45 - All children will choose a range of activities such as reading, board games, drawing and colouring or waeather permitting, activities will take place outside on our MUGA, Multi Use Games Area. 

8.45 -  All children will tidy away.

At all times we expect the best behaviour from our children. We expect children to treat each other with respect, be kind to each other and follow the adults’ instructions.