Computing at Hawthorn

Computing is fun!

EYFS Curriculum.


Our children begin their journey with technology in Early Years, with access to iPads, laptops and Beebots. Teachers facilitate the children’s curiosity with challenge and modelling how to use the equipment carefully and safely. They have the opportunity to use a range of Apps to enhance their learning. This is to prepare them for their transition into KS1 and for the children to be able to confidently use an iPad and become familiar with the layout of a laptop.


In KS1 children continue their journey with the Beebots and laptops, using them more precisely. They learn how to programme a Beebot to reach a destination and begin to be able to debug when something doesn’t work out the way they imagined. They learn how to use passwords safely. They learn about online safety and what to do if they encounter something which makes them feel uncomfortable as well as what personal information is and why it is important we don’t share it with someone on the internet. Coding then progresses from Beebots onto a computer-based programme E.g. ScratchJr where children learn how to programme a variety of sprites.


In KS2, children continue this coding journey, not only making the sprites move, but interacting with each other. As children progress up KS2 the coding becomes more complex and they are able to create basic games with code. Their digital literacy skills are combined with English and other curriculum areas. They create and write presentations using PowerPoint for example. Children learn how to use the hardware we have in school including digital cameras, where they are taught how to take and manipulate pictures. The children are also taught internet safety throughout each year of KS2. They know how to keep themselves safe online and what to do if they come across something that makes them uncomfortable. Upper KS2 understand the importance of media balance and appreciate that as they get older, they are more responsible for their online presence and how often they access a variety of forms of media.

Safer Internet Day 2023  was on the 7th February and we celebrated with the theme ‘Want to Talk About It? Making space for conversations about life online.’ We started the day with a whole school assembly, then every class completed different tasks around this year’s theme. The children shared what they did in our Star assembly on Friday.