Computing at Hawthorn


In Reception the children use a range of technological toys and computer hardware. They look at how to turn the computer on and off and explore how they work. The children use age appropriate software and games on the computer and ipads.

As part of Safer Internet Week 2020 the children continued to learn how to stay safe whilst on the internet. They took part in many activities during the week and shared what they had learnt during our assembly.


In KS1 the children use a range of programs to test and debug a set of instructions. They access the beebots to plan routes and write simple programs. The children are then encouraged to test them. They develop their word processing skills. They start to use emails and send them to each other. The children are taught to use technology safely and respectfully, through E-Safety too.

In KS2, the children have been learning all about staying safe on the internet. We have all been researching our topics using the internet, during these session we have been learning all about fake news and fake information.  In KS2, this year the children have been learning to blog, video record and game developing.