Design Technology at Hawthorn

Design and technology is an inspiring, creative and practical subject which encourages children to become independent, creative problem solvers and thinkers. Through the DT curriculum, children should be inspired by engineers, designers, chefs and architects to enable them to create a range of structures, mechanisms, textiles, electrical systems and food products with a real-life purpose. At Hawthorn Primary School, we teach children age-appropriate skills in design and technology that are transferrable to their everyday lives, and that are also built upon and expanded year on year. We embed design and technology into the topic-based style of all year groups throughout the school. This involves investigating, planning and using a wide range of materials in different situations.

Year 1 made strawberry muffins. using the strawberries from the plant in their raised beds.
After learning about their class continent 'Mexico', Year 5 made bean salads. 
Year 1 created their own pop up puppet after learning about toys from the past. They designed their puppet and then followed their plan to create it. The children then evaluated their puppet and thought about how they could improve it next time.
Year 3 collected chard and leeks from their raised bed and then made 'Rainbow Chard and Leek Soup'.
The children designed and created labyrinths in Year 4.
In Year 3, the children designed and made stone age houses using outdoor materials. They then evaluated their design. 
After learning about George Stephenson as part of their transport topic, Year 1 designed their own 'rocket' and created it. They then evaluated their 'rocket' and thought about they could make it more stronger and stable.