Maths Curriculum Overview

Welcome to our Maths curriculum page, here you will get a feel for what maths at Hawthorn is like.

At Hawthorn we recognise that mathematics is essential in everyday life and, with this in mind, we ensure that children develop a positive and enthusiastic attitude towards mathematics that will prepare them for the next stage of education and stay with them throughout their lives.

At Hawthorn we take a mastery approach to maths which means all our children progress through the learning together, we use concrete and visual resources and break down the learning into smaller steps to support and scaffold the learning and when children are secure with concepts they will have the opportunity to explore these in greater depth.

We want all our children to enjoy maths and this year we are focussing on children talking like a mathematician. We want children to not only make connections and apply skills within maths but also across the curriculum. We use our outdoor area to support our maths skills, including measuring, reading scales and supporting our statistics work.

We want our children to understand how maths is used in the wider world and use their mathematical skills and knowledge in real life.

Please read our intent, implementation and impact statement to see our approach to Maths at Hawthorn.

We have adopted a whole school approach to the teaching of time tables, building up facts systematically, exploring patterns, using concrete resources and engaging in activities focusing on variation and intelligent practice

Please see our whole school approach to teaching times tables document.

The following link will take you to the NCETM website which has progression documents available. This helps teachers and parents know what the children should have covered before entering a new year group and where their learning journey is heading. 
This maths glossary is a useful document to support with any mathematical vocabulary you may be unsure of.
Below you will find a yearly overview for your child's class. Teachers use a variety of sources including Whiterose, NCETM prioritisation documents and the spine materials to to plan engaging lessons to support and challenge the children. 
These overviews are flexible and can be adapted to meet the needs of the class as the year progresses.