Modern Foreign Language at Hawthorn

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In Hawthorn we teach French across Key Stage 2 , children in Year 2 also learn some French phrases to help prepare them for the transition into Key Stage 2. The children are taught to be able to listen and respond to questions in French and develop their ability to read and write some French. We follow an interactive programme called ‘The Primary Frnehc project’, this gives children the opportunity to hear native French speakers and to learn songs and rhymes in French.

We also spend time learning about France and other French speaking nations focusing on a range of Geographical, Historical and Cultural features. This helps the children have a more rounded understanding about France. It also links to our Geography work on different continents where the children are taught about global issues and how they affect us.

European Languages day September 2022.

We celebrated European languages day in September. Each class focused on a different language and spent time learning about the country and how to say some phrases in the language. The children completed a range of activities. We  celebrate European day of Languages every year. Our children love to learn new languages and we are proud that they are developing an understanding of the wider world through learning languages.