Our Governors

As Governors we are responsible for the strategic direction of the school, and for working with the Head Teacher and school staff in order to raise standards and provide the optimum education for the children of Hawthorn Primary School. We are there to support the leadership team of the school as critical friends.

We learn about what has been going on in the school from Head Teacher’s reports, Governors meetings, regular communication with the school staff, participation in the preparation of the school’s development plan, and regular visits to the school. We also take an active role in monitoring and analysing the progress of pupils in their learning in key areas such as English, Maths, Science, and Computing, Special Educational Needs Provision and Safeguarding.

Governors meet once a term as a governing body, and also meet more regularly in the following sub-committees;

Finance & Staffing - sets and closely monitors the school budget and is also directly involved with the recruitment of new members of staff.
Teaching and Learning
Governors also have a link to a particular year group which they can visit and get to know in more detail.

If you are interested in the work of a governor
please contact the school for further information.