Our Vision, Values and Ethos

Our school vision 
What we value at Hawthorn 

At Hawthorn, we provide an inclusive and creative environment enriched with experiences to nurture individuals socially, emotionally and academically, enabling them to develop positive relationships. We support children to work together to achieve, succeed and become the best version of themselves. 

The curriculum gives our children the skills to be successful, creative and the ability to problem-solve. It is underpinned by four drivers: effective communication, reflective thinking, aspirational individuals and active citizens, which support the children to develop life skills.

Our values are reinforced regularly through our curriculum including our work on British values (see British values section hyperlink)

The Department for Education defines British Values as follows:

  • Respect for democracy and support or participation in the democratic process                        
  • Respect for the basis on which the law is made and applies in England
  • Support for equality of opportunity for all
  • Support and respect for the liberties of all within the law
  • Respect for and tolerance of different faiths and religious and other beliefs