PSHE at Hawthorn

At Hawthorn, we teach PSHE both as individual lessons, but also through other lessons such as English, Science and Forest School. PSHE is split into three units in each year group which are 'Health and Wellbeing', 'Relationships' and 'Living in the Wider World'. The programme of study is set around age appropriate objectives for each class.
Alongside PSHE, we also hold a Healthy School Plus award. This means that we work extra hard in school to make sure that all children and adults are as happy and healthy as possible. Our main focus for Healthy Schools Plus is dental health and dental hygiene, so we are doing lots of work around looking after our teeth and working closely with the Community Dental Service.
Friendship Fortnight
As part of PSHE, we decided that we would celebrate Friendship Fortnight. This was two weeks in November, where we thought carefully about friendships in school. This covered all areas of friendships from how we make friends, keep friendships, what to do when we find friendships difficult and anti-bullying. The children enjoyed the fortnight, and it really helped us to all focus on how we look after and treat other people.
As part of this fortnight, we worked together as a school to create 'Hawthorn's Friendship Tree'. Every child in school contributed by creating Hawthorn leaves for the tree. Each class spent time thinking and discussing key messages that we could put on the tree. Our friendship tree is on display in our hall, so we can often be reminded of the key messages we have discussed.
As part of Friendship Fortnight, there was lots of lovely work being completed around school. Here are some examples.