RE at Hawthorn

RE at Hawthorn is for everyone, religious or non-religious. It is about understanding one another and thinking about how others live in our world. By doing this it helps our children find and take their places as aspirational individuals within a diverse multi-religious and multi-secular society, which we find ourselves living in today.

Eid Celebrations
On Friday 21st April, the whole school celebrated Eid and participated in lots of lovely activities around this Islamic festival. 
Our children had lots of fun making Eid cards for their friends, creating decorations and designing their own mehndi patterns.
Year 1 created paintings of the crescent moon. They enjoyed an Eid celebration in the hall with Year 2 and Reception and learnt even more about why Eid is an important time for Muslims. 
Our Year 3 children even had a food tasting session too and enjoyed listening to their peers, who follow the Islamic faith, talk about why Eid is a special time for them. Jibrail brought in a children's version of the Qur'an and recited the first Sutra Fattiah. Nasreldin brought in his prayer mat and Qur'an and prayed for Allah. He showed us the different steps of prayer. Hafiz talked about the Qur'an and how he reads it with his mum because it is his special book. Kashan gave a speech about Eid. 
Class 7 had a lovely morning making Eid biscuits and sun catchers. Then during their forest school session they enjoyed decorating our forest with their sun catchers and eating their Eid biscuits with a nice hot chocolate by the fire. Tyler described it as 'the best day ever!'
Year 6 had an interesting discussion about Ramadan and why it is important for Muslims to fast.

Year 3’s Visit to the Gurdwara.

The children had the most amazing visit to the Gurdwara. Jaswinder showed us around and the children had the opportunity to share their knowledge too. They saw where the Guru Granth Sahib is kept and listened to the music which they use to meditate. The children ate in the Langar which is very important in the Sikh faith.