School Meals


Lunchtimes at our school are happy, healthy and safe. We pride ourselves on this. We help children to make good choices and to use their manners. We encourage talk and often an adult will enjoy their lunch sitting at a table with the children.

We are a Healthy School with our chef and the kitchen team cater for the dietary needs of all children. This includes those with food allergies and those who require vegetarian meals.

Free School Meals

All children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, receive their school meals free.  However you still need to fill in a free school meals form, otherwise the school does not get the full funding for your child.  Please ask if you would like help to fill it in.

In Key Stage 2 meals cost £2.20 a day and must be paid in advance.  We will also encourage you to fill in a free School Meals form as you may be entitled and we don’t want you to miss out! 
Packed lunches

Children can bring a packed lunch to eat in the dining room. We will only allow this if it is a healthy and well-balanced meal e.g. a fruit drink, a sandwich, some fruit and yoghurt.

Fizzy drinks, chocolate, crisps and sweets are not allowed as part of packed lunch.