School Sculpture Project

Work of Art Title - workofarttitle50cents080816 - Scrapbooking/Crafting
In 2022 our Art Ambassadors worked alongside an artist called Zoe Allen. They developed art across all year groups and designed/constructed a sculpture for out outdoor area. You can find at the front entrance of our school.
In one of the sessions we used clay to explore pattern and position. We made representations of ourselves using different materials. We also used potatoes and straws to build the biggest free standing structure we could! Afterwards, we placed cellophane around it to explore colour and light. 
By working in classes across school, this gave the teachers some extra ideas for how to teach sculpture and 3D art.
Our final outdoor piece was developed from pupil voice. The Art Ambassadors asked every child to share their ideas about what school means to them and how we could express this through art. We chose to use a variety of colours to represent different values such as confidence, speaking and listening, team work, leadership, trying our best, and we arranged butterflies to represent this with our motto - 'aim high and fly.'