Spring Term

In maths, we have been measuring length, weight and capacity. We used non-standard units of measure to record the capacity of different containers.
We have been counting and ordering numbers up to 20. We have also looked at the place value of each number and used different resources to show the amount such as beads and string, numicon, cubes and dienes.
This half term we are reading 'The Princess and the Pea'. We have looked at key vocabulary in the book and discussed their meanings. We also read the beginning and middle of the story and then predicted what we thought was going to happen next. 
Year 1 created their own pop-up toy as part of our toys topic. They had lots of fun designing and making their own pop-up toy. The children evaluated their toy and thought about how they could improve it next time.
In geography, the children looked at maps of our local area. They identified and labelled human and physical features on the map. 
In science, we have been identifying and naming animals found in and around the home. We sorted pictures of animals into groups and discussed whether we would found these animals in our homes or not.