Spring Term

Little Heroes
This half term, our topic is 'Little Heroes'. The children have loved playing in their superhero office solving lots of mysteries!
We have read the book 'Supertato' by Sue Hendra. We thought about who was the hero and who was the villain in the book and discussed why it is important to help people. The Evil Pea even caused some mischief in our classroom by drawing faces on vegetables, wrapping them in sellotape and even freezing carrot! 
We have been exploring our local community and identifying the features around us such as fire station, school, Mosque, park. We then looked at the main features of a town, beach and countryside and sorted pictures into groups depending on if we would find them in a town, beach or countryside. 
Oh no! Evil Pea has froze carrot in ice!
As a class, we discussed how we could free carrot safely from the ice. After trying different ways, we realised that hot water worked best and we were able to free carrot safely. We are now going to use what we know about melting to melt chocolate and create a trap to freeze Evil Pea!
Superhero Day!
We had lots of fun visiting the fire station! We learnt about the role of a firefighter and how they help us. We even got to sit in the fire engine, use the hose and watch a  fire engine drive with its sirens on. When we came back to school, we then made our own fire engines using 2D shapes.