Spring Term

In Spring 1, we will be answering our big historical question:
How have toys changed? 
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As part of our English, we read 'Toys in Space' by Mini Grey. The toys had a party so we thought we would too! We all wrote then followed the instructions for how to make party hats, decorations and biscuits. We all brought in our favourite toy from home and explored what they looked like, how they worked etc!
It was the best time! 
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We had the best time working alongside Liz Million a published author and illustrator. We were very lucky to have her come in to school and show us how to create a new teddy bear toy character! 
Lost in the Toy Museum!
We had to hunt for toys from the past in the museum and find ones that were made from different materials! We had so much fun. 
In Science we are learning about our bodies and what senses we use to process the world around us!
We are ALWAYS aiming to win the 'Attendance Cup' on a Friday! We all work hard as a team to come in to school every day on time!