For many years Hawthorn has worked closely with several other local primary schools and two years ago discussions began about whether this relationship should be made more formal.

On February 1st 2015 Hawthorn Primary joined the West End Schools’ Trust (WEST) with Bridgewater , Canning Street, Broadwood, St John’s , St Paul’s and Wingrove. We have done this after extensive consultation with all stakeholders and after head teachers and governing bodies realised that the relationships would be beneficial to all. The schools are different in size but the issues they face are very similar, we identified very quickly the following strengths.
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All our schools have:

A warm and welcoming ethos;
Good and outstanding teaching and learning;
Educational achievement that is in line with or above national expectation;
Multicultural, highly inclusive and cohesive school communities.

We will be working towards these aims.

The pursuit of excellence in teaching and learning.
Support for and pastoral care of all pupils and their families.
Community projects and development.
Raise aspirations by identifying and engaging with partners who will bring energy and experience to enhance our learning community.
Robust governance, business and financial management.
We hope to partner with representatives from Health, further education and science because we feel they will be able to bring a great deal to support our work.

Please take the time to read our draft prospectus business plan and look out for information in newsletters as new developments come on stream.