The Eco Club meet regularly to think of ways to care for the environment and the world around us. Pupils in the club are passionate about ways in which they can make a difference and how we can improve our habits within school.

The Eco Club continues to help us maintain our plastic free school status as well as our Bronze Eco Schools award.

You can keep track with the decisions we make and changes we implement by looking on this page.

This year we have bought our Year 6 ties and school bags from Keltic ties.  Their ties and bags are eco friendly and are made from plastic bottles.  They are made in a solar-powered mill here in the UK, and take just 4 weeks to produce.
We have recently signed up to Let's Go Zero.  By doing this we have pledged to work towards a more sustainable future at Hawthorn while calling for much-needed government support to help all schools reach their zero carbon goals.

School Litter Pickers

The Eco Team often work during their breaktimes, along with other willing children from across school, to reduce the amount of litter in the schools grounds by going litter picking. Watch out for pictures of them in action on our social media feeds. 

Eco Club are in the process of setting up recycling boxes to store highlighters, felt pens, biros and whiteboard pens when they run out.  These boxes will then be emptied and taken to a recycling point at Ryman's Stationary shop in Eldon Square.  So far they've collected over 1,000,000 pens.