Early Reading and Phonics

Early Reading and Phonics

Read Write Inc - High View Primary Learning Centre

We understand that Phonics plays a vital role in the development and education of children. At Hawthorn we ensure that we put the teaching of reading at the heart of our school and ensure our teaching staff have the knowledge and determination to teach every child to read by the end of Key Stage One. Children have daily opportunities to read in lots of different contexts as well as a daily phonics lessons. We continually strive to promote a love of reading to ensure that pupils are ready for the next stage in their education.

In Reception Class and Key Stage One we deliver a consistent approach to phonics by following a scheme called Read Write Inc. (RWI).

With Read Write Inc. Phonics we aim to ensure that all children:

  • reach the expected standard of the phonics screening check in Year 1
  • develop reading fluency and read with comprehension
  • develop co-operative behaviour and articulate their ideas and understanding
  • spell and write with confidence.

Every child in Reception Class and Key Stage One works through the programme to help them decode (sound out) words relevant to their attainment. Children are in ability groups based on up to date assessments completed at the end of each half term. Careful and rigorous tracking ensures that all children progress. If a child needs extra help to catch up, we implement Read Write Inc's 'one to one tutoring' programme which rapidly closes the gap. Children take home a RWI book to practise the sounds and words they are learning in their phonics group. 

We encourage parents to become actively involved in reading activities with their child at home sending home books and reading activities on a weekly basis. Parents are invited in to  school at the beginning of each school year to remind them how to effectively support their child at home and how to ask questions to check understanding. We upload teaching videos from Read Write Incs. virtual classroom on to our home learning app to enable children to access phonics at home. 

We ensure children read regularly in other areas of the curriculum and in other parts of the school day and that teachers are able to listen and join in. 

We read a range of books linked to class topics and themes and we often use these books as a prompt for a writing activity. Sometimes, this reading will also scaffold the children's writing in their English lessons.


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