Our Year

Since our return to school, we have been looking at the picture book ‘Here we are’ by Oliver Jeffers. We have thought about how things have changed since we have been off school but also what has stayed the same. We have thought about what it means to belong to planet earth, and what we think it means to be part of our school community. This has helped to create our Y2 classroom display. 

We have written some amazing poetry based on our class text as well as producing some fantastic posters, cards, postcards and reflective diaries. 


In English children in Year 2 have been writing fictional instructions to create potions based on our class text 'How to live forever.'  



Art Week. 

For art week the children in Y2 drew self-portraits and then used oil pastels to colour in their images. We based our work around the illustrations in Oliver Jeffers book 'Here We Are' and the wonderful quote 

"People come in many different shapes, sizes and colours. We may all look different, act different, and sound different...but don't be fooled we are all people."