Our Class

A very big welcome to Year 2 from the staff and children. This is their last year in Key Stage 1 where he/she will build on all the skills gained in Reception and Year 1.
Why not keep in touch with what we are learning by taking a look at our topic webs, fantastic photos and some great examples of the children’s work. There is also our class blog which we keep updated on a weekly basis.
Even though this is the year your child will take their Key Stage 1 tests (called SAT’s) they will learn through a rich and stimulating topic based curriculum, which will keep him/her interested and curious whilst having fun learning. Don’t worry if your child finds the work hard, we have lots of ways that we can help them. You can always come to see me if you are worried.

There will also be lots of opportunities to visit our class for special open afternoons where you will be able to take part in interesting activities with your child.

These will also be a great chance for you to look at your child’s books and have a chat with the teacher.

Thank you from Jo Kennedy
Year 2 Teacher