History at Hawthorn

History, like many of our foundation subjects are taught in a cross curricular way. We want to inspire our children’s curiosity about the past and we want them to ask questions about why things happened. We find opportunities in English and in other subjects such as Art and Geography to develop our historical understanding.


Where possible, History is taught in a practical way to help children have a deeper understanding of the subjects they are covering. We think this helps make the learning more meaningful and therefore more memorable. We learn about important figures from the past and the impact they have had on the world we know today. Our curriculum also includes learning about local history, such as the Great Fire of Newcastle and local historical figures such as Grace Darling.

Remembrance Day 2018

Year 6 delivered a Remembrance Assembly on the 9th of November, this helped involve the children in understanding why we celebrate Remembrance day and helped make it more meaningful to the children. The children in year 6 taught the rest of the school about why we wear poppies and about Britain in the World Wars. Each class from Reception to Year 6 spent time learning about remembrance in their classrooms to help better prepare them for the assembly. As with all of our topics, we used this as an opportunity to also explore OTHER subjects such as the geographical and moral aspects of the world wars, we also created a whole school art installation where the children made poppies.