Curriculum Overview

Religious Education at Hawthorn Primary School

Every child has a statutory entitlement to Religious Education. Our R.E curriculum follows the Newcastle SACRE Agreed Syllabus.

The SACRE says “the syllabus reflects the diversity of the city through the study of different Christian denominations, other major faiths and secular worldviews. It also includes the exploration of attitudes to religion and ethical choices.”

The syllabus promotes an approach to teaching and learning that encourages a deepening interest in and enriching experience of the study of religion for children.

The emphasis is upon the fundamental ideas, concepts and questions which human life and experience raise and which religion tries to answer. 

The syllabus aims to ensure all pupils:

A. know about and understand a range of religions and worldviews,

B. express ideas and insights about the nature, significance and impact of religions and worldviews,

C. acquire and deploy the skills needed to engage seriously with religions and worldviews.