Geography at Hawthorn

Geography at Hawthorn is taught as part of a creative curriculum. All foundation subjects are taught in a practical way so children can gain a deeper understanding and make meaningful links across subjects. Children are taught the physical and human geography of the UK as well as other countries. Geography links are also made as part of our French curriculum.

Every class at Hawthorn is given a continent to study. We use this to help us develop our understanding of the world and to develop our map skills. We use new events or celebrations as starting points as well as our other subjects such as science and history. By the time we reach year 6 we have spent time looking at every continent and have an overview of the whole world.
The children in the Early Years start their journey within geography by learning about the amazing world around them.  They learn about the weather, seasonal changes, differences between the beaches, towns and the countryside.  We do this by utilising our school grounds, local area and take the children on field trips as well as share a large range of stories to enhance their knowledge and understanding. 

Key Stage One

In Key Stage One the children look at weather and seasonal changes.  In Year 2 the children have been learning about the 7 continents, looking at maps and learning to locate them.

Key Stage Two
In Key Stage Two the children look at human and physical geography, natural disasters, and the local area in more detail.