Our Class

Welcome to year 4!  Mrs. Stanger and myself, Mrs. Bell would like to offer you a warm welcome to year 4.

In Year 4 we strive to make learning enjoyable, fun and meaningful. We aim to help your child develop and prepare them for their final two years at Hawthorn Primary School. We will work hard, play hard and Mrs. Stanger and I encourage the children to be the best they can be.
Their year is the time for your child to consolidate everything they have learnt in KS1 and prepare them for the exciting learning journey they have ahead of them.
Your child will be encouraged to develop the independent use of skills they have learnt previously, to start taking more responsibility for their own learning and to grow in confidence. We will encourage them to become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens.

We will be putting lots of our activities, and work on the website and twitter for you to look at, so keep your eyes peeled!

If you need to chat about anything we are covering in class please catch me or Mrs. Stanger at the start or end of the school day.

I am really looking forward to our year together.

Thank you from Cath Bell and Mrs. Stanger
Year 4 Team
P.E ~ This term we have our P.E. sessions on Tuesday and Friday.  The children will need their trainers into school on both of these days. 
Reading ~  children's reading books will be changed every Monday and Thursday.  Please read with your child at home and fill in their reading record.
Homework ~  For each new topic I will send home a set of home learning activities based around their topic.  The children can choose which activity they would like to complete and they will earn learning points for each piece of homework they complete. Weekly spelling's will also be sent home, please try to help your child learn them. 
Ways to help your child at home 
Your children  love playing games and it’s an easy way to support their learning. Here are some fun and easy things you can do which will help with your child’s developing reading and maths skills, spelling, and writing – and they won’t even realise!
Games and activities to try
1. Word games Try alphabet games like ‘The Philosopher’s Cat is… a fiery cat, a beautiful cat’, and so on, to expand vocabulary. Have fun with riddles – make them up and enjoy discovering different meanings for the same word. Make your own versions of well-known rhymes to help your child to hear patterns in words.
2. Board games Play Junior Trivial Pursuit which requires lots of reading and develops general knowledge at the same time. Play games where your child must use the powers of deduction to work out a journey or solve a crime – for example, Cluedo. There are many online versions too. Code-cracking games like Mastermind are really useful for helping your child to think logically.
3. Screen games Brain-training games are useful for developing a wide range of skills that are useful for reading and writing too. Search for on-line code-cracking games. There are plenty of commercially available adventure problem-solving games that demand creative thought and talk to succeed. Try Roomscape.